General information to patients

Nowadays as a patient, you should seek information before a treatment and get answers to your questions. For example, how the treatment goes on, the outcome in the long term and possible risks.


To find the perfect dental team that you might not be so easy if you have moved to a new city / area.


There must be a positive communication between you, the hygienist and dentist; you must know that they will take your concerns seriously and always opt for your best.


Similarly, the relationship between dental assistant and dentist must feel good for you; they must enjoy working together, otherwise the clinical work may suffer. Do not be afraid if you become a referral to another specialist or dentists in the clinic for any part of the treatment. This is only an indication that your dentist wants you to get the best care and although the treatment would be slightly more expensive, you can expect that the quality will be higher; that is surely, in all cases, your dentists opinion.


If your dentist is documenting their work extra, perhaps by taking pictures during treatment or take models of jaws or discuss extra with you, this is only positive. He / she does this to get a high quality care and to learn how the current treatment is working for you.


As a patient, it is your task to be involved in selecting treatment after receiving all the necessary information . Often, the information may be complete but not always easy to remember or fully understand. That is why the communication between you and your dentist is a must, so you can repeat parts of the treatment you are unsure about.


If you are missing a tooth / more teeth, ask for all options and the advantages and disadvantages in the long term; ask about; orthodontics, implant, graft, standard bridges or if  no treatment is the best way to go.